Each year, we craft an article for the Center for Environmental Studies’ periodical, Field Notes, featuring a different aspect of the forest.  Thus, these articles provide unique insights into the ins-and-outs of the forest over the years. For more current information, check out our blog.

Reflections of 3 years as an HMF Educator (2022)
A Pandemic Love Affair (2021)
The Covid Spring (2020)
Students with Buckets
Sugar Blues: HMF Sugarbush News from HMF (2019)
Men in front of Greenhouse
Life on the Edge… (2018)
Boy and girl examining frog
Spring in Hopkins Forest: …(2016)
Two researchers in Field
Home Field Advantage (2015)
Students Teaching Students (2014)
Stormy Times in Hopkins Forest; a first graders view (2013)
Dry Field
Beyond the Trees: farms, fields and slash Hopkins Forest (2012)
Student Researchers
Permanent Plot Survey (2011)
Spring: What a weird one it was… (2010)
What Lurks Beneath… (2009)
A Salamander’s Tale (2008)
Caterpillars on Tree
Forest tent caterpillars: the rest of the story… (2007)
From the Forest: Back from the brink and awash in amphibians and caterpillars (2006)
Summer in the Forest: of New Fields, Nineties and Tent Caterpillars… (2005)
MET Tower
Fall in the Forest—wind towers, grasshopper labs, and white-tail deer (2004)