Each year, the Hopkins Forest Manger writes a section of the Center for Environmental Studies periodical, Field Notes. Each year, a different part of the forest is highlighted, so the articles provide unique insights on the ins and outs of the forest. For more up to date information, check out our blog.

The Covid Spring (2020)
Students with Buckets
Sugar Blues: News from the HMF Sugarbush (2019)
Men in front of Greenhouse
Life on the Edge… (2018)
Woman with Box in Forest
A closer look at Old Growth in Hopkins Forest (2017)
Boy and girl examining frog
Spring in Hopkins Forest: a first-grader’s view…(2016)





Two researchers in Field
Home Field Advantage (2015)
Students Teaching Students (2014)
Fallen Tree
Stormy Times in Hopkins Forest (2013)



Dry Field
Beyond the Trees: farms, fields and slash in Hopkins Forest (2012)



Student Researchers
Permanent Plot Survey (2011)
Spring: What a weird one it was… (2010)
What Lurks Beneath… (2009)
A Salamander’s Tale (2008)
Caterpillars on Tree
Forest tent caterpillars: the rest of the story… (2007)
From the Forest: Back from the brink and awash in amphibians and caterpillars (2006)
Summer in the Forest: of New Fields, Nineties and Tent Caterpillars… (2005)
MET Tower
Fall in the Forest—wind towers, grasshopper labs, and white-tail deer (2004)