Literature From Hopkins Forest:

Journal Articles, Student Papers, Honors Theses

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TOPIC AUTHOR(s) TITLE YEAR Classification Type/Source
amphibians Ueda ’03, Ken-ichi The Amphibians of Hopkins Forest: a Preliminary Study 2000 paper summer research
archeology Gregg, Deborah The Ceramics of Hopkins Forest Site #2: A Preliminary Report 1978 paper Summer research
arts Bonnefoy, Yves Hopkins Forest (Poetry Series II, Beginning and End of Snow) 1991 v31 pB027(2) poem Quarterly Review of Literature
atmospheric Dethier, David, Rachel Hopkins, et al Natural Stresses, Pollution, and the Health of Hopkins Memorial Forest 1989 v. 6 journal article A Journal (CES in- house publication)
biochemistry Dethier, David Biochemical Research in Hopkins Forest 1987 v.4 journal article A Journal
biochemistry Hoff ’83 , Jean Acid Rain: A Case Study on an Unpredicted Environmental Impact 1982 paper Chem 200
biogeochemistry Reuman ’74, Steven R Biogeochemical Cycling in the South Branch Watershed of Birch Brook HMF 1974 paper BIO 308
biography Verde, Tom She Scales Trees to Study the Forest (Biologist Meg Lowman) Oct/Nov 1992 (v4 n5 p13(2) journal article Garbage
birds Gerhart ’96, Nat A Study of Birds in and Around the Beinecke Stand in HMF 1993 paper ENVI 102
birds VanBuskirk, J. and D.C. Smith Individual Variation in Winter Foraging of Black-capped Chickadees 1989 journal article Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 24: 257-263
birds Smith, D.C. and J. VanBuskirk Winter Territoriality and Flock Cohesion in the Black-capped Chickadee (Parus atricapillus) 1988 journal article Animal Behavior
birds Meigs, J., D.C. Smith, and J. VanBuskirk Age Determination of the Black-capped Chickadee 1983 journal article Journal for Field Ornithology 54: 283-286
birds Swett, Mary A Laboratory Report in Bird Species Diversification as Observed in the HMF 1972 paper Bio 205
deer Bohnhorst, Kristin, Kyle Goodrich & Andrew Jones White-Tailed Deer: Assessment of Population and Browse Impact in the Hopkins Memorial Forest 5/8/00 paper summer research
deer Rolader ’83, Robert The Deer Hunting System in HMF: Past, Present, & Future 1983 paper Ind study
deer Norton ’78, Jim A Survey and Census of Whitetail Deer in Hopkins Forest 1978 paper BIO 312
deer Goldman ’76, Janice Winter Browse Preferences and Nutrition of Whitetail Deer 1976 thesis Thesis/Bio
deer Swett, Mary A Field Work Study of Deer Population Census Methods and Deer Browse Found in the HMF 1973 paper BIO 308
disturbance Weber ’79, Donald Factors Affecting Wind Damage on Trees in Hopkins Forest 1975 paper BIO 201
disturbance Riordan, Tim The Effects of Wind and Glaze on Individuals and Communities of Trees 1974 paper BIO 305S
exotics Niman, Zachary Allaria petiolata: Distribution and Dispersal of Garlic Mustard Weed 1999 thesis Thesis/Bio
geochemistry Edwards, Teon Elizabeth Analysis of Trend: the Chemistry of Rainfall in Hopkins Forest 1996 thesis Thesis/Math
geochemistry Sullivan, Timothy The Analysis of Aqueous Aluminum Chemistry in Hopkins Memorial Forest 1990 thesis Thesis/Chem
geochemistry Ryan, Brooke Aluminum Concentrations in Leaf and Water Samples from HMF, MA 1986 thesis Thesis/Chem
geochemistry Dethier, David P. and Susan B. Jones Atmospheric and Weathering Contributions to Stream Chemistry, Northwestern Massachusetts 1985 journal article Northeastern Environmental Science 4/1:8-15
geochemistry Feist, Thomas The Chemistry of Water Soluble Aluminum in Soils… 1985 thesis Thesis/Chem
geochemistry Ricker ’84, Janet The Sulfate Chemistry of Forest Soils From the Northwest Berkshire County, MA 1984 thesis Thesis/Chem
geochemistry Doyle, Allen pH Electrode Analysis and Precipitation at Hopkins Forest 1983 paper Ind Study
geology Ouimet, William B. and David P. Dethier Modeling Sediment Flux from Birch Brook, an Undisturbed Catchment in Northwestern Massachusetts 2002 journal article Northeastern Geology & Env. Sciences v. 24, no. 3, 2002, p.176-184
geology Morgan, Willard Geology of Ford Glen and Beinecke Tract 1993 paper ENVI 102
geology Dahlberg, Eric The Geology of Hopkins Experimental Forest Near Williamstown, Massachusetts 1960 paper
geomorphology Ouimet, William Sediment Budgets and Stream Terraces: Reconstructing the Effects of Historic Land-use Changes on Sediment Transport in the Birch Brook Catchment, Massachusetts 2001 thesis Thesis/Geo
history Kruse, Jack A View From Hopkins Forest 1993, v10 journal article A Journal
history Art, Henry This Mountain Was Exceedingly Good Land 1989, p.31-33 journal article A Journal
history Author unknown Deed Research on East Section of HMF 1976? paper
history Author unknown Work Plan for Cruise of HMF 1935; revised in 1971 paper
history Art, Henry The Amos Lawrence Hopkins Memorial Forest: An Eclectic History of Its First Century 1994 paper
history Carlisle, Thomas J. Tales of the Hopkins Forest 1984 booklet
history Lachs, Aileen Moon Barn: Subsistence Farming and Early Barn-Building Techniques 1983 booklet exhibit
history Babcock, Richard W. The Moon Barn, Roots Barns, Early Period Barns, The Barns at Wolftrap 1983 booklet
history Babcock, Richard W. (ed) The Moon Barn: an account of a repair job that involved re-listing a little bit of the past, Hopkins Memorial Forest 1983 booklet
history Myhre, Karin with Don Campbell The Ingenuity of Old Tools: Nineteenth Century Tools and Their Modern Counterparts 1982 booklet exhibit
history Marchant ’95, Susan M. Vane Glory 1981 paper Art 261
history Cole, Matt and Allison Palmer They Just Don’t make ’em Like They Used to, Summer 1980 Exhibit 1980 exhibit
history Gregg ’82, Deborah A Land Ownership History of the Fifth Division, Hopkins Forest, 1765-1912:With Notes Toward a Land Use and Social History of the Same 1980 paper summer research
history Heerman, Leslie The 1978 Annual Report for the Hopkins Forest Farm Museum 1978 paper Ind. Study
history Newcomb ’80, Carol The Material Culture of HF#2: Glass & Miscellany 1978 paper
history Reynolds, Jack & Paul Zabroske The Pond That Was… 1978 paper BIO 312
history McChesney, Peter Moon Barn Reconstruction 1976 booklet exhibit/opening
history Rand, Louisa An Exhibition for the Hopkins Forest Farm Museum: show at the Williams College Museum of Art, NOV. 18- DEC. 18, 1976 1976 exhibit
history Moon-Barn Raising Aug. ’76: Color, silent. 460 – end 1976 Video
history McChesney, Peter The American Revolution Bicentennial in Williamstown 1975 thesis Thesis/History
history McChesney, Peter Hopkins Memorial Forest Barn Restoration Plan: Phase I — Scrapbook 1975
history Author unknown Description and Maps 1974 paper CES
history Greene ’72, Gordon Working Papers on the Hopkins Forest 1972 paper Ind. Study
history Hastings, Newlin A Farm in Hopkins Memorial Forest 1972 paper Art 201
history Williams College CES Hopkins Memorial Forest 1972
history Cuningham, Frank A Lawrence Hopkins Memorial Experimental Forest: a reappraisal 1964 paper Northeastern Forest Exp. Station, Burlington
history Babcock, Richard W. Early Period Barns: Moved and Restored booklet
history Rosenburg, Art, Henry Art & Richard F. Olivo Alfred Moon’s Farm paper Interview
history Unknown A Farm in the Hopkins Forest. B/W, sound. 0 – 450 Video
hydrology Dethier, David, Sandra Brown, and Andrew De Garmo Portrait of the Birch Brook Watershed 1992 paper in-house
hydrology Maxwell ’93, Keely An Observational Analysis and Recommendations Concerning Streamflow and Water Table Encounters Along the SE Corner of the Hopkins Forest Loop Trail 1990 paper ENVI 102
hydrology Becker ’85, Joan A Preliminary Study of the Hydrology of Birch Brook, HMF 1984 paper Mellon Committee
hydrology Deans ’78, Stuart & Mark Gerry ’79 A Comparative Analysis of Birch Brook and Hemlock Brook 1977 paper BIO 312
insects Preisser, E., D.C. Smith, and M.D. Lowman Canopy and Ground Level Insect Distribution in a Temperate Forest 19998 journal article Selbyana 19(2): 141-146
insects Ruby, Michelle Food Availability in Aquatic Insect Communities: A Test of Three Hypotheses 2002 thesis Thesis/Bio
insects Gerard, Andre Habitat preferences of stream invertebrates and their responses to experimental dams 1995 thesis Thesis/Bio
insects Stevenson, Bruce Seasonal Variation in Hardwood Forest Soil and Edaphic Anthropod Distribution 1978 thesis Thesis/Bio
insects Titus, Elizabeth HMF Response to Defoiliation by the Saddled Prominent Caterpillar, Heterocampa guttnitta 1975 thesis Thesis/Bio
land use Cluett, Jonathan Historical Land-use Effects on Northern Hardwood Forest Vegetation 1996 thesis Thesis/Bio
land use Wallace ’96, Dan Land Use and Vegetation Analysis of the Moon Lot Based on Aerial Photographs 1935-1993 1993 paper ENVI 102
land use Woodward, Julie The Shepherd’s Well Site: A Site History as it Reflects and Differs From the Land Use History of the 8th Division in HMF 1984 thesis Thesis/Geo
land use Musgnug, Kristin with Don Campbell, Keith McInnes and David Jew Woodlots and Windrows: Agricultural Self-sufficiency 1981 booklet exhibit
land use Jervey, Allen A History of Land Ownership in the Third Division, HMF” 1978 paper Ind. Study
land use Campoli ’77, Gina Some Land Use History of the Far Western Reaches of Hopkins Forest 1977 paper Summer research
land use Geier ’75, Richard The Hopkins Forest “Beinecke” Stand…a question of virginity? 1973 paper ENVI 360
land use McChesney ’75, Peter A Preliminary Land-Use History of Northwest Hill, 1850-1910 1973 paper Ind. Study
mammals Drickamer, Lee & James Stuart Peromyscus: Snow Tracking and Possible Cues Used for Navigation 1984 journal article American Midland Naturalist vol 111, p. 202-204
mammals Stuart, James C. (thesis in Schow) Navigation Within the Home Range of Two Species of Peromyscus 1978 abstract thesis abstract
mammals Drickamer, Lee Annual Reproduction Patterns in Populations of Two Sympatric Species of Peromyscus 1978 journal article Behavioral Biology 23 pp 405-408
mammals Drickamer, Lee & Michael R. Capone Weather Parameters, Trapability and Niche Separation in Two Sympatric Species of Peromyscus 1978 paper Bio Dept
mammals Drickamer, Lee & Michael R. Capone Weather Parameters, Trappability and Niche Separation in two Sympatric Speciies of Peromyscus 1977 journal article American Midland Naturalist vol. 98, no. 2. Oct. 77
mammals Morgan, Bruce & Sally Assmayn Peromyscus Distribution in a New England Deciduous Forest paper
meteorology Dethier, David The Hopkins Forest Weather Station 1985 v. 3 journal article A Journal
meteorology Cluett , Jonnie Meteorological Patterns in Northwestern Massachusetts: Analysis of Data from the HMF1 and HMF3 Weather Monitoring Station 1993 paper ENVI 102
meteorology Milham, Willis I. Ph. D., L.H.D. Meteorology in Williams College; Also at HMF and in North Adams paper
natural history The Williams Naturalists:Dawn Biehler ’97, Daniel Bolnick ’96, Jonathan C. Cluett ’96, Nathaniel Gerhart ’96, Emilie B. Grossman ’96, J.D. Ho ’96, Willard S. Morgan ’96 Farms to Forest: A Naturalist’s Guide to the Ecology and Human History of Hopkins Memorial Forest, Williamstown, Massachusetts 1995 book
natural history Lowman ’76, Meg (ed) The Ecology of Hopkins Forest–A Biocentennial Compilation of Student Field Ecological Research 1992 paper BIO 302
nutrient cycling Rand, Louisa A Comparative Study: Analysis of Litter Fall in Hopkins Forest in 1971 and 1975 1975 paper BIO 201
nutrient cycling Parker ’81, Grant Acid Decomposition: Impacts on Nutrient Cycles and Soil Conditions 1974 paper BIO 305S
nutrient cycling Clifford, Cornelia & Martin Immerman ’76 A Preliminary Study of Nutrient Cycling in the Hopkins Forest: The Birch Brook Watershed 1973 paper BIO 308
nutrient cycling Allison,Taber Litter Fall and Soil Organic Matter Analysis in Hopkins Forest 1972 paper Ind Study
old growth Collier, Carol The Forest Dynamics in the Beinecke Stand, Hopkins Memorial Forest 1993 thesis Thesis/Bio
old growth McConnel, Fiona A Description of Two Old-Growth Stands of Tsuga canadensis in HMF 1989 paper BIO 302
old growth Geier ’75, Richard The Moon Lot-Vegetational Analysis as Related to its Land Use History 1973 paper BIO 308
phenology Davis ’75, Frank Phenological Observations of Fraxinus: Racial and Hybrid Plantations in the Hopkins Forest 1974 paper BIO 305
phenology Geier ’75, Richard Phenological Study of Acer rubrum L. and Acer plantanoides L Inter-racial Crosses of Hopkins Forest 1974 paper BIO 305S
phenology Lowman ’76, Meg Phenological and Basal Trunk Expansion Studies in the Hopkins Forest 1974 paper BIO 305
phenology Forrestel, Anne Phenological Variations With Elevation Change 1972 paper Ind. Study
planning McChesney ’75, Peter HMF Restoration Plan 1973 project Ind. Study
plantations Whitcraft, Christine A Study of Mortality and Successional Development of Forest Genetics Plantations in Hopkins Memorial Forest 1999 thesis Thesis/Bio
plantations Author unknown Forest Genetic Plantations at the Lawrence Hopkins Memorial Experimental Forest, MA paper
pollution Bolnick ’96, Dan Bioindicators and Air Pollution: They aren’t lichen it. 1993 paper ENVI 102
productivity Lowman ’76, Meg & Lee Kauppila Study of the Wood Productivity of Betula papyrifera Over Elevational Gradients in the Hopkins Memorial Forest 1975 journal article NSF
soils Art, Henry and Dethier, David Influence of Vegetative Succession on Soil Chemistry of the Berkshires Pp.153-167, 1986 journal article Water Resources Research Center, U. of MA.-Amherst
soils Triplett, Laura Decades of Agriculture, Decades of Erosion: a study of two sites in Williamstown 1993 paper ENVI 102
soils Dethier, David P., Susan B. Jones, Thomas P. Feist and Janet E. Ricker Relations Among Sulfate, Aluminum, Iron, Dissolved Organic Carbon and pH in Upland Forest Soils of Northwestern Massachusetts 1988 journal article Journal of American Soil Science Society 2:506-512
soils Need, Edward A. (thesis in Schow) The Influence of Geology and Topography on Soil Development in HF 1978 abstract Thesis/Geo
soils Mackun, Irene R. The Effects of Land Use on Soil Properties in Hopkins Forest 1978 paper BIO 312
soils Kendall ’74, Robert L. Analysis of Soils From Four Abandoned Fields with Different Land Use Histories 1974 paper BIO 305S
soils Constable ’72, W.G & J.A. Kruse ’72 Soil Characteristics Over an Altitude Gradient in HMF 1971 paper BIO 305
soils Cornell ’72, James H. Old Field Succession and its Effects on Selected Soil Characteristics in Hopkins Forest 1971 paper BIO 305
solar Campell ’84, Donald Solar Water Heating/ A Suggested Design for the HMF Greenhouse 1980 paper WSP
solar Connor, Stephanie Solar Greenhouse Management in the Winter 1980 paper WSP
solar Geismar ’80, Beth Inside the Greenhouse 1980 paper WSP
solar Dunn, Jeffrey The Lambert Solar Greenhouse 1980 project WSP
solar Olney, Margie A Sample Layout for the Solar Greenhouse -HF 1980 project WSP
solar Campbell, ’84 Donald Correlations Between Variables affecting the Sap Flow of Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) paper Ind. Study
succession Art, Henry “Thirty-five Years of Change in a Western New England Forest” delivered at AIBS meeting, 1974 paper Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 55(2):40
succession Allison,Taber, Henry W. Art, Frank E. Cunningham, and Rebecca Teed Forty-Two Years of Succession Following Strip Clearcutting in a Northern Hardwoods Forest in Northwestern Massachusetts 2003 journal article Forest Ecology and Management
succession Moline, Sarah Effects of Land-use History on Forest Succession in Hopkins Memorial Forest 1999 thesis Thesis/Bio
succession Teed, Rebecca Succession after strip cutting 1990 thesis Thesis/Bio
succession Reardon, Jeffrey M. Community Type, Succession and Disturbance Following and Early Season Snowstorm in Hopkins Forest 1989 thesis Thesis/Bio
succession Djerf, Allison & Paul Shorb A Study of Natural Reforestation of a Domesticated Area 1978 paper BIO 312
succession Emery ’75, Scott Successional Trends and Preferences Within Hopkins Forest 1974 paper BIO 305S
succession Lovejoy, Steven Forest Regeneration 1974 paper BIO 305S
succession White ’73, Alan Successional Patterns in HMF 1973 paper BIO 308
toxicology Shawl, Catherine Occurrence of Mercury and Chromium in Sediments and Fish on NW Massachusetts 1995 thesis Thesis/Chem
toxicology Shin, Chu Ri Determination of Chromium and Arsenic in Bridge’s and Moore’s Ponds in Williamstown, MA and Hopkins Memorial Forest 1994 thesis Thesis/Chem
toxicology Weicker, Nathalie Arsenic and Chromium in Bridges and Moore’s Ponds of Williamstown, Massachusetts 1991 thesis Thesis/Chem
toxicology Pezza, Don Chemical Analysis of Heavy Metals in Northern Hardwoods of the Berkshires 1989 paper BIO 302
trees Billo ’97, Timothy A Study of the Past and Present Ecology of the American Chestnut (castanae dentata[marsh] Borkh.) in a Northern Hardwood Forest 1997 thesis Thesis/Bio
trees Sprague ’79, Henry III & Malcolm Frisbie ’78 Pin Cherry in HF: Buried Seed Analysis in Relation to Stand Density & Land Use 1978 paper BIO 312
trees McIver ’77, Hervey Autotoxic Tendencies in Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra) 1977 paper Ind. Study
trees Morgan, Bruce The Niches of Black and Yellow Birch in HMF 1977 paper BIO 312
trees Frankel, Laurie, Hervy McIver ’77 & Peter Walford Investigations of Certain Ecological Relationships of Northern Red Oak (Quercus Rubra L) 1977 project NSF
trees Norton ’78, Jim & Yaffa Grossman A Study of Sprout Forest Management for Firewood Production 1977 project NSF
trees Erickson, Jefferey The Response of the Striped Male (Acer pensylvanicum L.) to a Natural Disturbance in the HMF 1977 thesis Thesis/Bio
trees Morrell, Daphne Striped Maple, Acer pensylvanicum, in Hopkins Forest 1976 paper BIO 305S
trees Weeks ’76, David A study of Eastern Hemlocks, Tsuga canadensis, Growing at Diana’s Bath & Dorothy’s Slide, HMF 1976 paper BIO 305S
trees McLaughlin, Ann The Response to the Chestnut Blight in HMF 1975 paper
trees Estes, Kathy, Michael Capone, Lee Drickamer, Candy Cox 1) Role of Red Oak in Hopkins Forest – seedling experiment 2) Hopkins Forest Small Mammals 3) An Evaluation of the Environmental Consideration in Silviculture 1974 abstract Abstracts of NSF Summer Program
trees Capone ’75, Michael Chestnut Blight (Its Effects in the Hopkins Forest) 1974 paper BIO 305S
trees Pappas, Bill The Occurrence of White Pine in HF 1974 paper BIO 305S
trees Henry, Christine A Comparative Study of the Physiological and Metabolic Changes of the Rhamnus cathartica, Lonicera canadensis, and Quercus rubra During the Onset of Dormancy 1973 paper Ind. Study
trees Livingston ’72 , Mark A Comparison of Controlled Germination and Natural Site Characters in Pinus strobus L. and Juniperus virginiana L. 1971 paper plant ecol.
vegetation Van Buskirk, J. & Joan Edwards Contribution of Wintergreen Leaves to Early Spring Growth in the Wood Fern Dryopteris intermedia 1995 journal article American Fern Journal 85 (2): 54-57
vegetation Dillemuth, Ann A Survey of Taconic Crest Vegetation 1993 paper ENVI 102
vegetation Kilmarx ’87, Elizabeth Vegetative Environmental Impact Assessment of the Proposed Faculty Housing Development Site at Hopkins Memorial Experimental Forest 1987 paper BIO 220
vegetation Danks, Cecilia Seed Dispersal in a Full-Fruiting Shrub, Viburnum Acerifolium L. (Caprifoliaceae). 1983 thesis Thesis/Bio
vegetation Cudak, Carol Winter Vegetation for the Solar Greenhouse 1980 paper WSP
vegetation Duesenberry, Peggy and Stephanie Symmes Reconstruction of a Mixed-Species Forest in Northwestern Mass. 1978 journal article NSF
vegetation Marr ’86, Lisa & William Stahl A Comprehensive Survey of the Moon Lot: Soils, Vegetation, and Land Use 1973 paper Ind. Study
vegetation Greene’72, Gordon Computer Generated Maps of Vegetation Distribution in Hopkins Memorial Forest 1971 paper BIO 305
vegetation Rutledge, David Changes in Vegetation Along Environmental Gradients in the HMF 1971 paper BIO 305
vegetation Author unknown Revised Plant Species List HMF — (according to Gray’s Manual of Botany Fernald, M.L. 1950) paper
weather Dickey, Jefferson Frost Study: January 1977 1977 paper WSP 99
wildflowers Grossmann, Emilie The Environmental Mechanisms through which Past Land-use Influences Spring Ephemeral Wildflower Distribution Patterns in Hopkins Memorial Forest 1996 thesis Thesis/Bio