Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Eek! Williams Outdoor Educators have summoned a spooky scavenger hunt throughout the lower loop trail of Hopkins Forest! Come by the forest for some Halloween fun! 🎃🎃🎃🎃

The scavenger hunt is suitable for all ages, but note that for younger participants, parent/guardian supervision strongly suggested. At each station, adventurers can learn a fun fact about Hopkins Forest, laugh at a Halloween-themed joke, and collect clues to solve the final word scramble!   

Halloween might look different this year, but the forest is as beautiful and spooky as ever. We hope this scavenger hunt brings families and friends outdoors for a ghoulish afternoon! 

Description of the trail (also on the doc linked with the QR code on the first clue):

There are 8 stations included in the hunt. The first five stations are near the Rosenburg Center, while the optional last 3 stations are on the Lower Loop Trail.  The Lower Loop Trail is 1.5 miles long, starting immediately west/east of the Rosenburg Center; the northern leg is on the old carriage trail and the southern leg parallels an old farm road. 

– Eva Castagna and Regina Fink, Student Educators, Williams 2022.5