New Policies Regarding Covid-19 in Hopkins Memorial Forest

In light of the school and business closures, Hopkins Memorial Forest has seen an uptick in the recreational use of the forest. Hopkins Memorial Forest is open and people welcome to use the trails for hiking, jogging, bird-watching, et cetera.

We are happy to be a space where people can be active, connect with nature, and find peace in these hectic times but we would like to set guidelines around use in order that everyone remain safe. Please read through and abide by these guidelines if spending time in the forest.

  • Continue to be diligent in following our other rules such as keeping pets on leashes, staying on the trail, and restricting trail use to foot traffic.
  • Observe social distancing while on the trails by remaining 6 feet (or more) apart from other hikers, in addition to keeping hands clean and covering coughs.
  • Avoid buildings or structures such as the lower loop signs, the benches, and the maple sugaring house in order to prevent the contamination. The Rosenberg Center remains open for bathroom access but should not be used or visited for any other reason.
  • Minimize car traffic and parking. With the uptick in visitors, there has been an uptick in cars. We are only equipped to provide parking for a limited number of vehicles and exceeding that puts the cars and landscape at risk – not to mention people’s physical health as parking lots are cramped quarters. If you are able to walk or bike to the forest, please do. And if there is no safe parking, please come again later.

Thank you for following our guidelines and stay safe and healthy!