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2021 Maple Syrup Now Available!

Tending the evaporator, spring ’21 The 2021 maple sugaring season is now behind us and we are bottling the final batches of this year’s production.  You can purchase our freshly bottled syrup through the Center for Environmental Studies. Order HMF Syrup Today: Fill out the SyrupOrderForm completely and… Continue reading »

The Other Hopkins…

A bobcat (Linx rufus) strolling by the camera a mere half-hour before I arrived to collect the photos. Last summer (2020), while fervently social distancing from Williamstown’s humans, I wound up closer than ever to the non-human residents of our community. As part of a Center for Environmental Studies-funded… Continue reading »

Flight of the Finches and other winter birds…

Redpolls (Morales) Since our recent post highlighting the fall “irruption” of the Northern saw-whet owl, bird watchers have been taking to the snowy fields and dales of the region in search of elusive winter visitors of other stripes. On the cold, snowy morning of December 18th 2020, 33 intrepid… Continue reading »

Flight of the Owls…

This past fall, in spite of the pandemic and all of its associated protocols, we did run the northern saw-whet owl banding station for the twentieth year in Hopkins Forest.  It was a little quieter out at the station — we weren’t able to host Williams and MCLA classes… Continue reading »

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Eek! Williams Outdoor Educators have summoned a spooky scavenger hunt throughout the lower loop trail of Hopkins Forest! Come by the forest for some Halloween fun! 🎃🎃🎃🎃 The scavenger hunt is suitable for all ages, but note that for younger participants, parent/guardian supervision… Continue reading »

Happy Earth Day!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, an international event that celebrates the earth and supports environmental protection. We hope that everyone has had the opportunity to get outside safely or give back to earth in some way or another today. As a preserved research and educational forest, Hopkins… Continue reading »

Reflections on Hopkins Forest Educating

The Hopkins Memorial Forest runs twice-weekly field trips during the fall and spring to elementary and middle-school aged children that focus on outdoor education. These trips are led by Williams students. Bellow is one student’s reflection on the fall season. Students Carrying Sap for Maple Sugaring I’m sitting shotgun as… Continue reading »

Spring: Seasons of the Forest Series

Seasons of the Forest: As I complete my trek through the winter season at Hopkins Memorial Forest, I have the unique opportunity to reflect on each season this year in the forest, due to the fact I have worked each one in this last year. Over the course of four blog… Continue reading »

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