Academic Courses

Undergraduate Education

The HMF represents a unique educational resource for an undergraduate institution. Since its establishment in 1934, research on forest biology, meteorology, hydrology, land-use history, and natural resource management have provided a foundation for undergraduate educational opportunities at Williams College, other institutions of higher learning, local schools, and for the public of the region. The primary mission of the HMF is to sustain and enhance these research and education opportunities, and to that end, we strongly encourage disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching, scholarly activity, and experimental research in HMF.

In order to enhance the educational and research uses of the Forest and to minimize potential conflicts, we ask that groups and individuals intending to use the HMF coordinate their activities in advance with the Forest Manager.

The following are courses taught at Williams College and utilize the Hopkins Forest’s classroom, labs acres of woods, fields and streams. Some have web pages that are accessible on the World Wide Web.
BIOL 203/ENVI 203  Ecology — J. Edwards, M. Morales

BIOL 220/ENVI 220 Field Botany & Plant Natural History — J. Edwards, H. Art

BIOL 302/ENVI 312 Communities & Ecosystems — M. Morales

ENVI 101 Humans in the Landscape

ENVI 102 Introduction to Environmental Science — M. Cook, D. Bingemann, H. Art

ENVI 205/GEOS 201 Geomorphology — D. Dethier

ENVI 208/GEOS 208 Water & the Environment — D. Dethier

ENVI 214/GEOS 214 Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing — D. Dethier

Public Education

Many of the public education programs occur at the Nature Trail, Hopkins Forest Farm Museum, Buxton Garden, and Rosenburg Center which can be visited by the public seven days a week during daylight hours. In addition there are various seasonal events and field trips for which public participation is encouraged. School groups and other organizations desiring to use the Hopkins Memorial Forest should contact the Forest Manager in advance of their visit.