Selected Papers

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Journal Articles


Allison, Taber, Art, Henry, Cunningham, Frank E. and Teed, Rebecca
Forty-Two Years of Succession Following Strip Clearcutting in a Northern Hardwoods Forest in Northwestern Massachusetts
Forest Ecology and Management
Art, Henry
This Mountain Was Exceedingly Good Land
A Journal p. 31-33
Art, Henry and Dethier, David
Influence of Vegetative Succession on Soil Chemistry of the Berkshires
Water Resources Research Center, U. of MA.-Amherst. pp 153-167.
Dethier, David
Biochemical Research in Hopkins Forest
1987 v.4
A Journal
Dethier, David
The Hopkins Forest Weather Station
1985 v. 3
A Journal
Dethier, David, Hopkins, Rachel, et al.
Natural Stresses, Pollution, and the Health of Hopkins Memorial Forest
1989 v. 6
A Journal (CES in- house publication)
Dethier, David P. and Jones, Susan B.
Atmospheric and Weathering Contributions to Stream Chemistry, Northwestern Massachusetts
Northeastern Environmental Science 4/1:8-15
Dethier, David P., Jones, Susan B., Feist, Thomas P., and Ricker, Janet E.
Relations Among Sulfate, Aluminum, Iron, Dissolved Organic Carbon and pH in Upland Forest Soils of Northwestern Massachusetts
Journal of American Soil Science Society 2:506-512
Drickamer, Lee
Annual Reproduction Patterns in Populations of Two Sympatric Species of Peromyscus
Behavioral Biology 23 pp 405-408
Drickamer, Lee and Capone, Michael R.
Weather Parameters, Trappability and Niche Separation in two Sympatric Speciies of Peromyscus
American Midland Naturalist vol. 98, no. 2. Oct. 77
Drickamer, Lee and Stuart, James
Peromyscus: Snow Tracking and Possible Cues Used for Navigation
American Midland Naturalist vol 111, p. 202-204
Duesenberry, Peggy and Symmes, Stephanie
Reconstruction of a Mixed-Species Forest in Northwestern Mass.
Kruse, Jack
A View From Hopkins Forest
1993, v10
A Journal
Lowman ’76, Meg and Kauppila, Lee
Study of the Wood Productivity of Betula papyrifera Over Elevational Gradients in the Hopkins Memorial Forest
Meigs, J., Smith, David C. and VanBuskirk, J
Age Determination of the Black-capped Chickadee
Journal for Field Ornithology 54: 283-286
Morales, M.A., J.L. Barone, and C.S. Henry. In press. Acoustic alarm signaling facilitates predator protection of treehoppers by mutualist bodyguards. 2008 Proceeding of the Royal Society B Online First.
Ouimet, William B. and David P. Dethier
Modeling Sediment Flux from Birch Brook, an Undisturbed Catchment in Northwestern Massachusetts
Northeastern Geology & Env. Sciences v. 24, no. 3, 2002, p.176-184
Preisser, E., Smith, David, C. and Lowman, M. D.
Canopy and Ground Level Insect Distribution in a Temperate Forest
Selbyana 19(2): 141-146
Smith, David C. and VanBuskirk, J.
Winter Territoriality and Flock Cohesion in the Black-capped Chickadee (Parus atricapillus)
Animal Behavior
Van Buskirk, J. and Edwards, Joan
Contribution of Wintergreen Leaves to Early Spring Growth in the Wood Fern Dryopteris interm.edia
American Fern Journal 85 (2): 54-57
VanBuskirk, J. and Smith, David C.
Individual Variation in Winter Foraging of Black-capped Chickadees
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 24: 257-263
Verde, Tom
She Scales Trees to Study the Forest (Biologist Meg Lowman)
Oct/Nov 1992 (v4 n5
Garbage, p13